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Concierge Service

We offer our users a digital platform to communicate requests for a variety of desired services such as restaurant reservations, event tickets, vip tables at nightclubs and hotel bookings.

The app & basic service

Digital reservations on a variety of venues such as restaurants, hotels and many more

City pages that you may customize to your personal preference

Browse and explore top rated venues around the world

Follow people and friends and access their favorite places around the world

Concierge subscriptions


  • Manual reservations from Prettyclose concierge desk
  • 24/7 service in English
  • Venues offered for reservations are restaurants around the world
  • Golf, Spa & Beauty and Hair are coming soon

EUR 9 per month

Get Premium


  • Live chat with concierge desk and your personal assistant
  • 24/7 service in English, and local language in selected countries
  • Special benefits from our loyalty program and promotions
  • Rebates on hotels and tickets

EUR 49 per month


You may select monthly subscription charges. EUR 9 for Premium & EUR 49 for VIP.
For both Premium and VIP subscriptions, all features from Basic are included.
Terms and conditions apply.

Access all bookings through your personal concierge page. You can see payments, receipts and coming events. You can also share your bookings with friends or invite them.

iPad PrettyClose App

A different way to discover


With Prettyclose, I can rely on my friends taste in things and at the same time recommend places to them. No more disappointments from now on!

Kadi Paiste

Finally! This is the service I've been waiting for. When travelling a lot, I need quick access to places I know are good.

Karl-Erik von Bahr